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These articles come from various sources which have inspired me to either look more closely at my beliefs, change my behaviours or helped me to inspire others. I hope you enjoy them.


HOW TO HAVE A MINDFUL CHRISTMAS     With all the build up and rush over the  Christmas and holiday season it is easy to run on auto-pilot, stressing about what to buy, who to buy for, what to have … Continue reading

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The Power of words

This inspirational you tube video was sent to me recently.  As it so beautifully illustrates: there is always another way of seeing things.  Everything has its opposite and practicing positive scanning (looking at what is working and what can go … Continue reading

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So You Really Want to Be Happier? Three Simple Rules that Everyone Needs to Know

The following article recently posted in Positive Psychology(April 27, 2011) by Bridget Grenville-Cleave is so inspiring and uplifting and makes so much sense.  Happily, the research now backs up the important benefits of practicing gratitude.  By commiting to making an … Continue reading

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Living an awesome life

I have just had the pleasure of watching this beautiful video about finding inspiration in our lives when things are not going so well.  Neil Pasricha started a blog to find 1000 awesome things in his life to help him … Continue reading

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Music as inspsiration for life

Please watch this beautiful video about a holocaust survivor.  She is 107 years old and her love of music, not only helped her survive in a prison camp, but she helped others cope with their ordeal as well.…

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Tips for a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

For my first blog, on the first day of 2011, I would like to send my warmest wishes to you all for a very happy and positive New Year.  Last year was a year of unprecedented growth and challenge for … Continue reading

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