Lasting relationships

What in your opinion makes long term relationships thrive and grow over time?  What leads to lasting love?

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5 Responses to Lasting relationships

  1. There are no easy answers. You probably already know that. I read a whole bunch of relationship books and so I’m slightly better.

    On my own blog, SpiritualThemes, I have two posts about marriage, 101 and 102. Some people have liked them but even more importantly people have pointed me in new directions or confirmations of relationship stuff. Here’s a good quote that I used for one post:

    A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

    ~Mignon McLaughlin

    Thanks. Keep Blogging. Keep Writing.

  2. Sharon Weir says:

    I think what makes long term relationships thrive, is give and take or compromise, a true connection with one another, an appreciation of the other person’s qualities and mutual respect.
    I think what leads to lasting love is all of the above and a true sense of contentedness within yourself and your relationship.

  3. Mary Adams says:

    I think both Mignon+Sharon,s comments are valid-How do we achieve contentedness in a relationship-?it,s a two/way street-are you both on same map.?
    True honesty+openess-?a neighbour once told me it was truly caring for your partners wellbeing-not taking responsibility for their happiness but caring enough to help them achieve contentedness.+fulfillment.

  4. Em says:

    Some people just have an energy that connects ( As hippy as that may sound)…An energy that can not be put into words. It just is…There’s flow, give and take, HEARING the other person and having the Love space to never want to intentionally hurt the other. Allowance for their growth on what ever path they may find themselves on. Friendship, rather than owner ship. Real communication, not one sided……
    There are many different people in relationships to learn or unlearn what you need to. I do believe we resonate together deliciously when we find ‘the one’, they are out there….It took me many years of learning and unlearning in other relationships to finally offer the BEST of me. I was lucky to find someone who wanted to offer the same.x

  5. antistandard says:

    I agree with the 3 comments before mine.

    I also think that in order to keep an interest in your relationship over a long period of time it is imperative to keep working on your own personal behaviours and challenges. Stagnant and unchallenged personal issues increase the amount of negative and unnessessary pressure placed on the two of you.

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