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The Power of words

This inspirational you tube video was sent to me recently.  As it so beautifully illustrates: there is always another way of seeing things.  Everything has its opposite and practicing positive scanning (looking at what is working and what can go … Continue reading

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So You Really Want to Be Happier? Three Simple Rules that Everyone Needs to Know

The following article recently posted in Positive Psychology(April 27, 2011) by Bridget Grenville-Cleave is so inspiring and uplifting and makes so much sense.  Happily, the research now backs up the important benefits of practicing gratitude.  By commiting to making an … Continue reading

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Stress and Ageing

A question of attitude The science of the mind is a fascinating and rapidly evolving one.  So much of what the ancient eastern philosophers and healers believed about the mind-body connection is now being studied and proven in western medicine … Continue reading

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