Try on vulnerability

Think about a time when you felt vulnerable.  This can best be described by feeling out of your comfort zone; feeling afraid of being exposed for making a mistake; not knowing something; not being who you think others think you should be; telling someone something about yourself that you are ashamed of or about to risk disapproval from someone you respect.

Describe what happened and say whether you felt better after accepting your vulnerability and pushing through it.  Alternatively,  if you tried to hide your vulnerability, what happened and how did you feel?

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One Response to Try on vulnerability

  1. Mary Adams says:

    Am not good showing my vulnerability-I need to be in control of my feelings+recently lost it in front of my family and was embarrassed-they were cool and hugged=cuddled me as I howled out my very hidden grief-it was great to be so safe and so loved.I need to stop showing the “Brave Face”-but the time and place is not always appropriate!!Is good to know you can now talk to family about issues and they want you to let them help you through the hard stuff-they want to be needed by you and want to show their love -this is what family is about!

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