Today’s question

Name some great things that happened for you in 2010 and say how you can build and broaden them in 2011.

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2 Responses to Today’s question

  1. Beau G'Froerer says:

    Met new people under difficult circumstances and hope to initiate and strengthen friendships.
    Went on 3 holidays where I/we were forced to plan and navigate, being outside of our comfort zone; more trips for 2011?
    Worked hard; going to put more emphasis on personal projects…

  2. That’s great Beau. Why don’t you go to the links: Positive Psychology or Strengths Finder and do the questionnaire on Strengths. There you will find out what your strengths are are which ones you need to develop. Once you find your strengths, practice them daily to reinforce them. Also for the ones you need to work on, set yourself small goals in which to practice them. I am sure you will find this a very useful tool and guideline for developing your strengths. Good luck.

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